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Kali Elite Inc. is dedicated to the mission of revitalizing, empowering, and inspiring veterans, disabled veterans, athletes, and students through a comprehensive range of extracurricular programs, life skills education, and holistic empowerment services. Our aim is to equip them with the tools to become self-reliant, independent, and influential change-makers within their communities and on a global scale.

With an unwavering commitment and a diverse team of dedicated professionals, we endeavor to enrich our society and foster a culture of mutual inspiration and positivity, fostering a lifelong commitment to personal and societal improvement.

Through robust and meaningful connections, our participants are holistically empowered and motivated to chart a path forward characterized by health and resilience. We are dedicated to leveraging all available resources and strategies to support communities from various socio-economic backgrounds in achieving sustainable societal development, creating an environment conducive to empowerment.

Our mission is to stand alongside our fellow community members, including veterans, disabled veterans, students, and athletes, as they navigate life's uncertainties and challenges. Through mentoring, motivation, and education, we strive to guide them toward realizing their full potential.

In essence, our mission can be summarized as "Restore, Empower, and Motivate."


We envision the establishment and evolution of a distinguished world-class nonprofit organization, dedicated to the holistic development of our valued participants. Our commitment extends to nurturing their physical, intellectual, social, and moral growth, while remaining steadfastly responsive to the evolving needs of our society.

We pledge to uphold a set of core values that include a relentless pursuit of excellence, unwavering diligence, unity, love, pride, exemplary leadership, and an unparalleled devotion to our community members. Our aim is to champion the development of a community where individuals are the architects of their own destinies, actively engaged in shaping decisions that impact their daily lives and securing a promising future for generations to come.

Our overarching goal is to enrich the lives of our members, imparting knowledge and skills with compassion and care through cutting-edge, technologically advanced strategies.

In summation, our vision can be encapsulated as "Empowered individuals, an Enlightened world."

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Youth Sports & Clinic

Writing Workshops

Financial Literacy 

Upcoming Events 

Kali Elite Inc Fall & Winter Events TBD


Nicole, who was nominated by our organization and selected by convenience retailer Wawa, as one of 25 volunteers to receive the Virginia Local Hero award and monetary donation.

Nicole Wawa Flyer.png

Dick's Sporting Goods Foundation Donated Kali Elite Inc with a $10,000 Grant

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Academy Sports & Outdoors Holiday "Giveaway"
20 Student-Athletes received $150 Gift Cards

Thank you Sponsor for your contribution!

Student Athlete Recruiting Profiles

"One Team One Dream"

Donated Services

Kali Elite Inc has collaborated with Tinner Mechanical Services LLC heading into the New Year. Mr. Tinner has donated five (5) Air Condition and five (5) Furnace "Preventative Maintenance Services" to those in need of services through Kali Elite Inc. If you know anyone in need of HVAC assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Kali Elite Inc ( or Tinner Mechanical Services at Phone: (703) 884-3864 | Email: | Website: You can also find the information through the Kali Elite website under the sponsor tab. When contacting them, please let them know that Kali Elite Inc sent you.



In addition, Kali Elite Inc partners with many local nonprofit organizations to support those in need throughout many communities. Each year, we plan to continue to partner with nonprofits to provide meals, education, and support to many commUNITIES. Lastly, we provide scholarships to our students and athletes.


Consider sponsoring our programs or becoming a Kali Elite Inc CommUNITY Partner. Please email us at to learn how you can become a member of the Kali Elite Inc Family.

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