Meet Coach Kali

Jeffery LeGree, aka Coach Kali founder and CEO of Kali Elite Inc. Coach Kali is a native of the Bay Area in California. He is currently a Senior Logistics Analyst government contractor for the Department of the Navy. He has two Master's Degree, one in Supply Chain Management from American Military University and a Master's Degree in Recreation Sports Science from Ohio University. Coach also has a bachelor's degree in Recreation Management from Shaw University (Raleigh, NC). While attending Shaw University, Jeffery had the opportunity to play varsity basketball under coach Cleo Hill. Jeffery joined the Army some years ago and separated in May 2013 to be better as a family man and more for his three children. While serving, his MOS was 74D TE, a Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Environmental (CBRNE) Supervisor. Once selected to be a part of the Tech Escort team as an NCO, Jeffery had to learn a lot about property accountability and transportation. Jeffery also had the opportunity to play All-Army Basketball and had the chance to play a game with our former President Barrack Obama. He started his first job contracting with USMC as a Junior Logistics Analyst during the learning process. With him being Army his entire career, it took some adjusting. While working a regular 9-5 job, Jeffery found time to give back countless hours doing what I love, helping the students, athletes, and their families throughout many communities. While volunteering, Jeffery promotes academic success for all student-athletes. After 15+ years of experience, Jeffery LeGree has invested his time, skills, and expertise full-time into the youth.

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What Clients Are Saying

Quez met you in the 3rd grade and learned a lot of basketball skills. Cuffing the ball and playing defense. Using these skills he was able to accomplish a lot.

Mrs. Jones Cameron